I'm Zoe Miller, a recent graduate of California State University Channel Islands looking to start working in Graphic Design. I have experience in both school and personal projects, and am experienced in Photoshop, Illustrator, and somewhat in InDesign. I'm passionate about color, harmony, and consistency, and have a careful eye for the little details that make a design stand out. 

I've worked in a variety of styles and I'm an eager learner who can pick things up quickly. I'm dedicated to everything I make, and work to make each piece just how I want it to be. From my work as a painter and traditional artist, I bring an innate knowledge of color theory, composition, and other principles of art and design. Creating illustrations, paintings, designs and photographs in a range of settings has made me a creative problem-solver, and finding innovative solutions to artistic challenges is something I'm passionate about. 

I'm based in Simi Valley, California, with my fiancee and our small army of cats. Besides art and design, I'm interested in music, movies, video games, and storytelling. I'm also a writer, and in my spare time I'm working on an original graphic novel.