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485 Madeline Drive Folded Brochure

I created a handheld, 8 page folded brochure for a unique property for one of the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Realty agents.

485 Madeline Drive Folded Brochure

This property is one of the last remnants of the original Busch Gardens Pasadena, a storybook cottage known as "the Old Mill" built in 1910.

When our agent secured the listing, I met with her, and she brought along some of the vintage promotional materials for the Old Mill, like the postcard above. We discussed how she wanted to market the property and that she wanted to lean into the storybook cottage angle, while matching it with her established red branding.

A big challenge with this project was adding elements that would enhance the decorative storybook feeling without competing with or taking away from the photos. There was a lot of photo switching through the process, and both me and agent were very happy with the end result.

This was originally designed to be ordered outsourced from one of our vendors at a larger size, but the agent wanted to know if we could print it in-house. I redesigned it to fit to our 11x17 paper and aligned it so that we could print, cut and fold them in-house for a convenient and effective marketing piece.

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