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In Your Shadows Fanbook

The In Your Shadows Fanbook was a collaborative project that I organized, managed, art directed, and designed.

In Your Shadows Fanbook

I wanted to create a collaborative fanbook for a Japanese anime show I am a fan of, with a collection of artworks and writings about two of the characters.

To start, I did a lot of research into other fanzines; how they are usually organized, how they find and select contributors, how they're promoted and produced, and into various printing and production options. With this, I recruited a few other fans who had skill sets conducive to these needs, and together we reached out to artists and opened up submissions.

During this process, I began developing the look of the project, and created a style guide and several social media promotional images.

Programs: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator & Canva

As part of the promotions, I created several guest artist reveal videos while learning the basics of Adobe After Effects.

Once we had received all of our submissions, I put the book together in Adobe Indesign, utilizing the chapter and book tools, master pages, and paragraph styles to keep things consistent throughout. Once the design was completed, I also managed the production of the books themselves and of a selection of merchandise to go along with it, working with printers and overseas vendors.

I learned a lot through this project, from organization and project management, to book layout and production, and myself, the team, and the customers who purchased it were very happy with the end product, and we ended up selling 100+ physical copies of the book, and even more digital downloads.

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