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Lux Pacifica Logo & Branding

I created the logo and other branding elements for my art business, Lux Pacifica, as well as a detailed branding guide.

Lux Pacifica Logo & Branding

In 2016, I created my artistic alias, Lux Pacifica, and around 2018 I began making and selling a variety of art items, from painting prints to jewelry to zines. In 2021 I rebranded, and put together a brand kit with a logo, wordmark, lettermark, as well as several design elements. I then put all those together into a branding guide.

These are some pages of the brand guide, dealing with the primary logo lockup and some of the logo elements. I wanted to create something that felt both modern and familiar, and I believe the combination of the the classic smiley face shape with the thick, retro serif and the pink and green color combo with bold sunburst shape achieved that.

I had already been using a few select variations of Roboto for my Lux Pacifica branding, but I wanted to add something more fun to the mix, so I added Ohno Blazeface. I love the playfulness of it, especially the italic variation. I have always used variations of pink and green, but for the rebrand I adjusted them to a darker green and a midtone pink. I also added three additional colors to the palette, a lighter green as an accent, and a brown and cream to help balance out the others.

Finally, I created a few reusable backgrounds that I could use for instagram, where the main business presence is, nodding to the currently very popular grainy gradient trend. I also added some photo guidelines and applications- the business cards and social posts that I have created, and concepts for some other applications as well.

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