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Postcards from a Churchyard Album

I directed and designed the packaging, booklet and merchandise for a band's album release.

Postcards from a Churchyard Album

Missouri Surf Club, a local band, were preparing for the release of their debut album, Postcards from a Churchyard, and needed an album lyric booklet, jewel case packaging, and accompanying merchandise designed.

The band provided the photos, and I edited them and laid out the booklet with lyrics and illustrated elements, to highlight the DIY nature of the band.

Photos of the CD packaging - the front, CD design and inside, and the back cover, as well as the artwork for the digital release of the accompanying single, Rotten.

The full booklet was 12 pages. The illustrations of the figures are a nod to some of the lyric themes of the album, including a complex and eroded sense of self.

The merchandise plays on the "postcards" and "churchyard" of the album name, and includes the same imagery and colors of the booklet.

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